Renaissance STAR Assessments

BJMS Parent & Guardians:
The beginning of year Renaissance Star  Reading and Math Assessments were administered to our 5th and 6th Grade students online last week. 
We use the results of these assessments to monitor student growth at the end of the school year. These assessments also help us determine whether a student needs additional intervention during the day or after school. 
It is imperative that we have your child's beginning of year scores. As of October 23 we were still missing scores for many students.
5th Grade Math: missing 47 of 137 students;
5th Grade Reading: missing 53 of 137 students;
6th Grade Math: 61 missing of 140 students;
6th Grade Reading: 51 of 140 students. 
If we do not have results for your child, you will get a call from our office. We will let you know the next assessment date, and how your child can access the test. 
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