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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
As the principal of Benito Juarez Middle School, I believe that every child has a gift to share. It is my duty as an educational leader to promote the vision of teaching and learning in order to help each child realize their gift to its fullest potential.

Academic achievement by all of our students is our number one priority.  We will maintain our focus on implementing best instructional practices in reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. We will refine our practice of using formative assessments in the classrooms, and master the art of collaborations centered on student data.

Parents, guardians, grandparents, and extended family play a pivotal role in partnership with the school to educate their children.  We need you to insist that your child attend school and put forth their best effort each and every day. 

You and your child are on the same educational journey.  I encourage you to be an active participant.

Como el principal de Benito Juárez Middle School, creo que cada niño tiene un talento para compartir. Es mi deber como líder educativo para promover la visión de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje con el fin de ayudar a cada niño a realizar su regalo a su máximo potencial .

El rendimiento académico de todos nuestros estudiantes es nuestra prioridad número uno . Vamos a mantener nuestro enfoque en la implementación de las mejores prácticas de instrucción en lectura , escritura, ciencias, estudios sociales y matemáticas. Vamos a perfeccionar nuestra práctica de utilizar evaluaciones formativas , y dominar el arte de colaboraciones centradas alrededor de datos de los estudiantes .

Los padres , tutores , abuelos y familia juegan un papel fundamental en la asociación con la escuela para educar a sus hijos. Necesitamos que insisten en que su hijo asista a la escuela y presenten su mejor esfuerzo cada día .

Usted y su hijo están en el mismo viaje educativo. Le pido que sea un participante activo en éste viaje.

- Mrs. Carmel Diaz

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BJMS students with 100 days of school, Thank you Student's & Parent's 

Ms. Balderas UIL Number Sense

Mrs. Cerna UIL Maps, Graphs, and Charts

Mrs. Gallegos UIL Mathematics

Mrs. Huerta UIL Ready Writing

Ms. Marquez UIL Music Memory

Mr. Mata UIL Chess Puzzles

Mrs. Molina UIL Oral Reading

Ms. Nevarez UIL Modern Oratory

Ms. Puentes UIL Dictionary Skills

Ms. Rodriguez UIL Spelling

Mrs. Roiz UIL Social Studies

Mr. Valadez UIL Impromtu Speaking

Javelina Stadium 12/7/2017

Dec. 7th, 2017 BJMS

Mrs. Cerna & Mr. Perez - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Mrs. Huerta & Mrs. Roiz - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Ms. Rodriguez & Ms. Puente - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Ms. Sanchez & Mrs. Ruiz - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Mr. Valadez - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Mrs. Molina - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Ms. Guerrero - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Mr. Gonzales - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendence

Mrs. Gallegos - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

Mr. Gonzales - 3rd Six Weeks Academic Honors & Attendance

AJ Carrasco walking the Academic Honor Red Carpet 

Sergeant Jay Garcia, Zavala County Sheriff and President Little League Baseball Association

BJMS students and staff welcome community member, Sergeant Jay Garcia

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Benchmark Exam Dates

5th grade students will be having their Benchmark Exam on Monday, February 26 for Math and Tuesday, February 27 for Reading.

Please make sure your child gets adequate rest and eats breakfast in the morning. Try to schedule appointment for the afternoon, if possible. Encourage your child to do his/her best. Express confidence that he or she will do well.

Report Card Night

Please join us for Report Card Night on Wednesday, February 28 at 6PM in the cafeteria.

All teachers are required to have a Parent-Teacher Conference with every student's parents.

How to Help - Reading

Please join us on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm at BJMS cafeteria. We know that all families want the best for their children, and research shows that family engagement has a positive impact on children’s reading achievement. The Family Reading Night empowers families to support children’s literacy development with a focus on reading in their everyday lives.

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