Progress Reports for 2nd Marking Period & WIFI bus map

BJMS Parents and Guardians:
Progress will be mailed home Wednesday, Nov. 4, which is the midpoint for the 2nd Grading Period. 
By this time, your child's teacher has taken at least two (2) grades per week. Please review your child's assignments in their Google Classroom to make sure they have been submitted. 
Late assignments will be accepted no later than Monday, November 9, the start date of the 5th week of the 2nd Grading Period. 
We still have devices available for students who need them. Simply come by the front office to sign out for one. 

CCISD has set up Smart Bus Wi-Fi Locations (see map).

2020-2021 Benito Juarez Middle School Grading Policy


v  Progress Reports are sent home at the end of the third week of each six-week grading period.


v  Teachers are required to conduct phone or teleconferences with parents of students who are failing at the end of each third week of each six-week grading period. This communication is critical to the success of students, and must be documented using the conference form.


v  Parents will be invited to participate in phone or teleconferences using the form below.


v  In 5th-6th grades, the student’s six-weeks grade is determined by averaging:


o    60% Daily work

Two Daily Work grades per week

Maximum 2 Journal grades per grading period


o    40% Assessment (Includes PI’s, Quizzes, Interim Assessments, and CBA’s,)

Maximum of 3 Assessments/Quizzes per grading period

No grades for spelling tests (√ or √- only)



v  Grade must be posted weekly.


v  In averaging six-week grades, teachers shall carry the division to the first decimal and round the number off.


v  Remote Learners are responsible for the same assignments as In-School Learners. The assignments will be graded and weighted the same. Therefore, Remote Learners should have access to instructional resources – via their email addresses or Google Classroom - that will allow them to be as successful as In-School Learners (i.e. PowerPoints, video clips, etc.).


v  Report card grades should:

1) Accurately reflect student mastery of content TEKS and

2) Reflect the required number of assignments and assessments.


v  Semester grades are determined by averaging the three six-week grades. Both semester grades are averaged to determine a student's eligibility for promotion.


v  All make-up work will be scanned and emailed home to the student. Make-up work is due within three school days upon returning to school.


v  Points will not be added or deducted from six weeks grades due to non-instructional issues or activities (i.e. behavior, tardiness, parent participation, fund raising, etc.). Exceptions: Cheating and plagiarism. Students caught cheating will receive an initial zero, but are required to redo the assignment or an equivalent assignment. (Refer to Student Code of Conduct and Redo Policy).


v  Redo/Correction Policy – Any student who receives a failing grade (below 70) will be allowed the opportunity to raise their grade up to a 70. Any failing grades are to be made up within one week of their due date or no later than the 5th week of the six-weeks grading period. 


v  Teachers will review only critical elements of exams with students after the grades are posted. The expectation is for students to take the exams home, and review them with their parents.


v  Teachers should send periodic reminders to parents of this practice, and welcome questions about the standards assessed in those exams via the teacher webpage.


v  The entire class period may not be spent reviewing an exam.


v  Semester Grade Assignment - The three six-week grades/averages will be added and divided by three to determine the semester average.       


Recording and Reporting


v  A score of 70 shall be the lowest passing grade.

    90 -100-------------------------------------A

                    80 - 89-------------------------------------B

                    70 - 79-------------------------------------C

                    Below 70-----------------------------------F    

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