Work Packet Distribution Process for the First Week of School


Sept. 1, 2020

Dear Parents,  

It is time to begin the 2020-2021 school year! Because the electronic devices purchased by the District will not arrive by Day 1, we have created work packets for our students in Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Band for 6th Graders who joined.

Packet distribution will be on Thursday, Sept. 3, beginning from 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. You must wear a face mask and remain in your car for the entire process because staff will wear face masks and shields.

Drive into the bus lane off of Javalina Drive. Stop at Point 1.Provide the name/grade of your child. Move to the next available stopping point or the parking lot. Our staff will collect your child's materials, and bring them to you.

If you have to send someone in your place to collect your child's materials - which will include workbooks - please send a note stating that you give that person permission to do so. The note must include your child's name, his/her grade, your name, and phone number. We have only enough workbooks for each student, no extras.
If your child already has access to an electronic device - and can use it until the loaner device from the District arrives - ask him/her to accept email invitations from his/her teachers to our telecommunications learning times. We call these times Classroom Connections. 
Classroom Connections are scheduled times when your child's teacher will provide DIRECT INSTRUCTION on concepts and HELP with the work packets. 
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