Counselor's Care Corner

Dear Parents and Students,

To my students, I want to start off by saying I miss you all tremendously. We still had so many activities and learning to do before the school closures due to COVID-19. Since the beginning, I have taught you all to help each other, to accept each other, and to become a family. More than ever we need one another to get through a time like this.

Try to visualize this - create a picture in our minds.

If I grab a pencil and hold it in my hand, I could easily break it. However, if I hold 300 pencils in my hand, it would be extremely difficult for me - or anyone - to break them all at the same time. Why? Because the more pencils you put together, the stronger they become.

Students, I want you to know that together we are going to get through this critical time in our lives. WE are a team - a student body - but most importantly we are family. When we come together we become unbreakable - just like the bundle of pencils.

So here's where I need you to help me. I want us to UNITE - work together - to help each other. I want to share an idea with you for an activity that we can all do at this time. This will also be a great time for families to work together.

First, I need you to grab a pen and a paper, and write an encouraging quote to each other. It can also be an uplifting picture you draw, a picture you saw in a magazine. It can even be a simple "WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER" and decorate it.

Next, I want you to take a photo of your masterpiece. If your parents approve, ask them to upload it onto the BJMS Facebook page. (You need your parents’ permission.) We will begin a chain reaction to tell your fellow classmates - who may be feeling scared, anxious, or worried - that we are not alone. We are in this together.

Please help me spread positivity. We will also share your pictures on our school website gallery. You all will get the chance to see your classmates work, and may even be uplifted with what someone else has shared.
Below is my photo to start this chain. I included myself in the picture, but students don’t have to be in the picture. The message alone will do just fine.

Masterpieces can also be emailed to me at

Once again, I miss you all and I can't wait to see what you all share.
Ms. Mata

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